AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Salvation Army is needing your help with a  bedding drive initiative to fill up more than a  hundred beds in their shelter.

“We have an average of over 20 children in our shelters at any given time and so an emphasis on providing those children those women, those men women and children families together clean sheets and stocking their bedrooms is important to us,” said Derek Dugan, Development Director.

The Salvation Army has more than 100 twin beds in its Greene Street homeless shelter. During the month of August, it’s asking for bed linen donations for the  Center of Hope.

“The Salvation Army determines our need for our drives based on when we run low on supplies and in our shelter, we can house over 100 people any given night – that’s 100 pillows, that’s 100 sheets, that’s 100 blankets every single night that is used and washed and re used,” said Derek Dugan, Development Director.

Director of Development, Derek Dugan, says the need for bedding supplies is crucial, because their goal is help keep people comfortable and safe. 

“There is not a specific goal because we have not hit that ever before we certainly would love that problem but the reality  is this is an ongoing annual turnover and the more we can get the better,” said Dugan.

They will also be distributed to people transitioning into permanent housing . You can off you donations at the Center of Hope, the Kroc Center, or any of the local Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores.

“While we will take any twin set sheets we will get we would asked if somebody was just to purchase for us we get them to be white so they’re able to be thoroughly bleached and cleaned and sanitized,” said Dugan.

Dugan says even though this is an initiative for August, people are always welcomed to drop off donations anytime during the year.