(AUGUSTA, GA) WJBF – “currently our counseling program has grown it’s been very robust we now have two license professional counselors on staff” said Aimee Hall, Safe Homes of Augusta  Director.

Safe Homes of Augusta has seen an uptick in clients this month, and providing resources to those  with  seasonal depression and needing help from domestic violence.

“ and that could include our 24 hour crisis outline shelter individual counseling we have legal advocacy” said Hall.

Safe Homes director Aimee Hall says they try to focus on meeting clients where they are to give support especially for the younger population.

“October I Domestic Violence awareness month so we really focus on being at a lot of different table set  ups especially with AU because we know the primary age for domestic violence to occur are between the ages of 18 to 24” said Hall

Hall so it’s important o make sure you’re aware of Domestic violence to help keep other safe.

“I’ve said all the time that knowledge is power and the more people that know about domestic violence the more we can provide that service and refer people to here for resources”

Safe Homes is also encouraging people to use their 24 hour crisis hotline by calling this number.  706-736- 2499