AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – Aiken community organizers come together to provide for the homeless. 

Rural Health Services in Aiken kicks off National Health Center Week with “Healthcare for the Homeless”, an event providing free health screenings, showers and more to those in need.

Every August, National Health Center Week is observed across the country to bring awareness to the nation’s fourteen hundred community health centers.

Each day of National Health Center Week is dedicated to a specific area of focus- Monday’s event offers healthcare resources to the homeless.

“For homeless people, one of the things that is a big stressor is they don’t have healthcare,” said Mary Anton, Chair of the Aiken County Homeless Coalition. “You know, they don’t have insurance, they don’t have…if they get sick or something, they might just let it fester.”

Gail Diggs, Director of Outreach and Community Service of Rural Health Services, Inc. tells us “Healthcare for the Homeless” day is her favorite. 

“This is our day to let the homeless population know that they aren’t forgotten, that we care about them,” said Diggs.

Free haircuts were given by Master Barber, Tyrone Cullum. 

He tells us it was an easy “yes” for him when he was asked to join the event.

“This is what I love to do- cut hair and try to be in the neighborhood and be here to support as much as possible,” said Cullum.

Tony DaVino of the Aiken Chapter of Disabled Veterans of America previewed plans for a series of tiny homes in the city.

Their goal is to provide the homeless a full-service community.

“…so one person can live comfortably and safely and in a healthy way,” said DaVino. “That’s why we’re at this health fair today because this has everything to do with people staying healthy. And when people who are homeless are healthy, we all benefit in our health and safety.”

“We’re gonna make it happen here in Aiken,” said Diggs. “Because our people deserve that.”

Diggs says many of the people who visited today told her how much they appreciated the event.

“Just to be out here with the community and know that there are so many out here that are doing just what we’re doing…they’re looking out and including everybody, and that’s what we’ve got to do. We have to include everybody in any plans we make for our city and its people.”

Diggs tells us they will host events for National Health Center Week through Saturday. For more information and event details, visit