NORTH AUGUSTA, SC. (WJBF)- The first-ever Rockin’ and Raftin’ on the river event took place Saturday at the Sharon Jones amphitheater in Riverside Village. It was hosted by North Augusta Mayor Briton Williams with a number of water rafting competitions all in celebration of the Savannah River.

“This amphitheater, we have great restaurants with the stadium. So, when we can now start embracing the water and use what the water offers us, with the amenities that we have in North Augusta, it’s a win-win,” North Augusta Mayor Briton Williams said.

The event was sponsored by the Augusta Rowing Club and the city of North Augusta. 

Once the idea came about, event organizers wanted to make sure the community was involved.

“Citizens wanted a food presence, a music presence, and a raft presence. So, out of that we put this together, the citizens voted– the citizens of North Augusta voted on this– and out of that came Rockin’ and Raftin’,” Mayor Williams said.

CSRA Kayaks donated the kayaks for the competition, all people had to do was sign up.

Inner tubing, kayaking, and water rafting races were the main excitement of the day. 

“It’s really nice to see everybody enjoying the day. I have been on one of those floats before and I know if you sit on the front it’s gonna tip over, so I just decided to go with the back end and I [knew] I could get the paddle better,” Lauren Wertz said.

Two North Augusta High school students heard about the event and just a couple days before, decided to build their own water raft to compete.

“We got a personal call from the mayor to see how our raft was going and it was just- it was a very personal experience and I felt very welcomed and I’m glad we’re doing this,” North Augusta High student Will Seigler said.

Locals say they were excited to be at the first Rockin’ and Raftin’ event.

“More people need to get out on the river, don’t be scared of it, it’s fun,” Wertz said.

“I’m very excited, I’m very happy that we’re having this wonderful event– there’s tons of food here, music. It’s a great time,” North Augusta High student Oliver Benjamin said.

While this event is the first of its kind, Mayor Williams says he plans on making it an annual event and even expanding on its horizons.