Augusta –

Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali are probably the two most famous individuals with Parkinson’s disease. However hundreds of our neighbors in the CSRA also face it. Rock Steady Boxing offers patients the opportunity to put on gloves in an effort to fight the effects of the disease.

These Parkinson’s patients and their caregivers are rocking to a different beat in an effort to beat the disease. Trainers from ‘Day One Fitness’ stopped by Brandon Wilde Retirement Community to share the details of ‘Rock Steady Boxing’

Tambra Craven, “It’s a none contact boxing regime that’s been specifically modified for people with Parkinson’s Disease. It really gives them an opportunity to fight against the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s.”

Dr. John Farr, Chief Medical Officer at Doctor’s Hospital works with Parkinson’s patients on a daily basis, “Parkinson’s is a neurological disorder that causes slow, progressive that is hard to pick up at first. It causes a lot of mild symptoms.” …. and says any exercise is good exercise.

Dr. Farr, “it helps with the rigidity of the muscles it helps you keep your coordination, because lack of coordination can be a problem.”

Married for more than 56 years, Everett “Ev” Greenwood cares for his wife who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 1 year ago. Rock Steady Boxing offers hope.

Ev, “everything you hear about Parkinson’s sounds kinda hopeless when you listen to it, but when you listen to stuff like this today, maybe it isn’t.”

Parkinsons affects more men than women, but for care givers the support and love is the same.

Rock Steady Boxing is offered 3 times a week at day one fitness. Call 706-799-9506 for more information and ti sign up for the class.

Parkinson support group (Central Savannah River Area) holds monthly meetings on the 4th Tuesday at 6:00pm at St. John Towers, Dining Room. 724 Greene Street, Augusta, GA.