Road abandonment vote key for Foundry Place project


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Frances Crawford has lived on Hunter Street for 57 years, and feels the Foundry place development will be good for the neighborhood.

“Yes I do I think it will help the neighborhood I also think in the future we can see a big improvement,” said Crawford.

But first some big changes to her neighborhood will be needed   to clear the way for the 220 unit development.

The city’s  plans call for the complete Abandonment of Railroad Avenue, as well as two blocks of Roulette Lane and a portion of Floyd Lane.

The area shown in blue here will be the location of the Foundry place development so the streets need to give way to pave the way for new residents.

“The abandonment we see fit and necessary for us to be able to move forward with the blueprint as set forth however those people who are affected are not many have already been notified,” said Housing and Community Development Director Hawthorne Welcher.

Faheem Blair’s home back up to Floyd Lane, and he uses the street to get to his garage to he says he wasn’t aware the city is preparing to abandoned some of Floyd Lane.

“I use it all the time I actually come in and out on a daily basis because I run my lawn care business I have to park my trucks and my trailers so they won’t be noticeable on the main street,” said Blair.

But Welcher says residents will not have to worry about being cut off.

Bottom line is there will be access to the rear of their properties,” he said.

The key vote for the project will be on Wednesday, when the issue of abandoning the streets and lanes goes before the full commission in their annual pre- Masters meeting.

Welcher saying a vote to go forward will be a commitment to redeveloping the Laney Walker- Bethlehem area.

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