AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s been called Riverwalk for decades, but Augusta commissioners are now preparing to rename it in honor of former Mayor Ed McIntyre.  

“It’s a tough decision, but it’s a decision we need to make. We need to make a decision everybody will be happy about, and we have to understand if you live, you’re going to make mistakes, you pay for your mistake, and you move on,” said Commissioner Francine Scott.  

McIntyre is credited as the visionary behind the creation of the park. 

But in 1984, McIntyre was tried and convicted in federal court for extortion, but that has not slowed the commission’s efforts.  

“I have supported it here on the floor. Mr. McIntyre was the one who brought Riverwalk to Augusta. He actually served his time. He’s a free man at the time,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle. 

But Riverwalk is not the only city property considered for renaming.  

The committee is also looking at renaming the Utilities Department building for former director, Tom Wiedmeier, and a ball field at Diamond Lakes for former commissioner, Andy Cheek.  

“It’s time to move forward. We need to vote it up or down on all three; not just single out one person but all three,” said Commissioner Scott.  

But renaming Riverwalk for McIntyre is the one generating a lot of attention both against and for.  

“I don’t have a problem renaming it. He was not the first one who got into trouble, and he will not be the last one,” said Sonia Edmond.  

 Augusta city leaders are preparing to debate what’s in a name.