Riverwalk painting plan comes at a cost


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)AT Augusta’s Riverwalk many visitors want to keep their hands off the hand railing.

“The railings are terrible with the chipped paint you with us just walking down and touching it you never know it’s dangerous,” said Shandia Dennis.

“It’s very distasteful yeah it’s rusted out definitely time to paint them it’s puts a damper on a very nice environment,” said Jermain Parker.

The railings are just some of the problems city leaders saw when they toured the park last summer with the belief if they took care of the maintenance issues the quote low hanging fruit they could make the park look a lot better.

“Your exactly right anyone who has had a chance to visit the Augusta Riverwalk can see that it needs painting and that’s exactly what we are planning to do,” said Takiyah Douse, Director of the Central Services Department.

Painting all the railing would improve the appearance here at Riverwalk but picking this low handing fruit won’t come cheap price tag more than 130 thousand dollars.

“We’re looking at about 6000 linear square feet that’s a little over a mile that is a lot of railing,” said Director Douse.

But for some 136 thousand dollars is a lot of money to paint railings

“I think that’ why we have to have the discussion for me I also thought we were just going to fix 8 through tenth now we’re going to fix it all what does all of this encompass,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Yeah it’s a lot of money a lot of money to just spend on something cosmetic,” said Parker.

If the full commission approves the rail painting would begin as soon as possible, and the work is expected to take a couple of months, crews will follow E-P-A guidelines to protect the River. Riverwalk will stay open during the painting.

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