Riverwalk maintenance needed


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Getting Riverwalk  in better shape won’t be could cost the city a lot of green.

Back in June city leaders toured the popular park and  created a list of  about twenty maintenance issues that needed be address.

Park officials telling commissioners to do it  all would cost about 200 thousand dollars

That money isn’t in the budget, but some commissioner say Riverwalk is worth the investment.

It’s a drawing place for the people in our community and out outside visitors who come in and it’s a showcase something to see that looks nice and people enjoy the river so we have to take advantage of every opportunity to enhance our community.

The Public Services Committee did not agree to fix every item on the list and instead recommended the parks department work on the issues between 8th and 10 street that can be handle with the existing department budget.

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