Riverside Village property hearing canceled before it even began


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) — Several properties in North Augusta’s Riverside Village were set to be sold.

It involves six empty lots and a couple of lawsuits.

“So the city last year went through the commission because they had to pay their taxes. We went through that whole process and then that process was successfully completed because they ended up paying all their tax penalties from the city perspective,” North Augusta City Administrator Jim Clifford told NewsChannel 6’s Shawn Cabbagestalk.

Another lawsuit was filed concurrently by First Community Bank after developers didn’t pay money that was owed.”That’s the matter that was before the court in Aiken County. So that thing came to a court date back in July,” Clifford added.”The attorneys and went to the judge and asked for a continuous to the next court date, which was one that we just had on August 2,” he added.

Earlier this month at foreclosure court, the Riverside Property was eventually withdrawn from the docket. The hearing was over before it even started. But city leaders say it could be filed in the future if needed.

“We’re an interested party in the outcome, but we’re not being legally represented in there because we’re not part of the court proceeding. So my guess is that it seems like they’ve come to some kind of settlement agreement,” he shared.

Foreclosure proceedings normally happen on a monthly basis. “Nothing’s been filed with the Riverside Village, to my knowledge, for the September court date,” Clifford said.

He also added Clifford says that the city’s goal remains the same when it comes to those parcels to see development on them including retail space, feature apartments, and more.

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