AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) — Chief Deputy Patrick Clayton with the Richmond County Sheriff Office said 25 recently installed security cameras have led to 18 arrests related to stolen vehicles, and they’ve also been able to make cases in 12 other incidents including aggravated assault and murder.

“It can be something as simple as if we had a partial tag or we have a very unique car that was identified. We can input this information into the database, and we can focus on those vehicles,” Clayton said.

One of those cameras led to the arrest of the man accused in the murder of Renqual Geter at the Knights Inn.

“A good example would be the murder we had out on Boy Scout Road where the transgender person was murdered and within 24 hours due to a large part because of the camera we were able to identify the suspect and make an arrest,” Clayton said.

In light of recent shootings and violence, Clayton said the cameras will not only help solve crime, but prevent it.

“When they know there are cameras, and they know there is more of a likelihood of them getting caught they’re not going to commit crimes in those areas.”

That’s why more security cameras are going up in high crime areas this week.

“We know from intelligence and our data where the hotspots are at. We’ve already identified 25 and it’s been working great with them. We’ve identified another 25 and they’re going to be installed this week.”

The Sherriff’s Office was also recently approved for the funding to put cameras in hotspot areas in downtown Augusta. They plan to have those cameras installed in 2023.