AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Commissioner Marion Williams wasn’t silent about this flyer and those not condemning it.

“Why you ain’t do something? You said I said we ain’t doing something. What have you tried to do? What have you brought? What have you talked about? Not one thing, nothing,” said Williams during a special called commission meeting.  

Williams says after voting at the Bell this week, he went to a booth and was handed a flyer from a group working with Tax Commissioner Steven Kendrick, the flyer listing the urgent problems in the city. 

“And frankly what we were asking for is the community input because you can’t solve the problem with you standing in one place, thinking you know all the answers,” said Kendrick.  

But Williams sees the flyer as an insult to the commission. 

“Why didn’t they talk to the commission about it? Why didn’t they ask? Why nothing has been done? It’s as if we don’t exist,” said Williams.  

But Kendrick says the group wants to help city leaders.

“We don’t sit in a community which says our elected leaders have to be the only people who come up with solutions,” said Kendrick.  

Williams told commissioner Ben Hasan about the flyer, but Hasan says the only issue was that it was being handed out too close to the Bell. Williams disagreed.  

“Mister Mayor that’s B.S. and bulls don’t skate. I called Mister Hasan to tell him as well, now he’s an elected official,” said Williams.  

We asked Kendrick to comment on the anger the flyer caused. 

“Well really George, I saw no anger, no anger from anybody but one,” he said. 

It was the flyer that had the accusations flying in Augusta.