Downtown Augusta gets help from private cleanup program

Richmond County

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Do you remember the CADY program? That’s where downtown property owners agreed to tax themselves to pay for a maintenance program, well CADY went away but a downtown maintenance program is back minus government involvement.

Fallen leaves are less of an eyesore on Broad Street and those supporting the area say a cleaner downtown is an inviting downtown.

“We need people to invest in the core of downtown when it’s clean and when people are coming in for different events and everything there’s not litter and trash around,” said Alex Weir, a downtown business owner.

This is an effort for that cleaner downtown, this worker is part of the Ace program, a new maintenance effort being funded by downtown business owners.

“I was excited to see someone try to revive a clean and beautiful program downtown and was happy to participate it’s something I think downtown can use,” said down developer Paul King.

Major cleanup programs are not cheap, or easy to keep going   especially relying on private funding.

“If you’re driving the economy downtown via this thing and the more people we can get involved, the less expensive this thing gets our idea was really to get something going so everyone could see it.

“I don’t think it can be sustained indefinitely by a handful of private individuals we’re going to need more people to participate,” said King.

The administrators 2022 budget proposal makes a cleaner Augusta a priority, calling for a little more than one million dollars for a Quick Strike Clean Team, with 500 thousand dollars of that proposed for downtown activities.

“Sounds like a good chunk of change and we would love to see it come to downtown,” said King.

“Just to be clear we got into this thing completely as private citizens with no idea we would get any kind of you know funding,” said Weir.

The ace program is getting results downtown streets are cleaner thanks right now to some generous downtown stake holders.

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