AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — ” A message to our gang bangers. Our purpose is clear. Our promise is true,” Sheriff Richard Roundtree said.

Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree making a strong statement on gang activity after one of the largest gang busts in the state in last year.

The efforts to crack down on gangs continue this year — especially after recent violence in the community.

Investigators said they believe the death of eight-year-old Arbrie Anthony was gang related.

“Its gut wrenching. You hate to see things like that. Its so senseless,” RCSO Chief Deputy Patrick Clayton said.

Chief Deputy Patrick Clayton said they are working to stop any gang retaliation from the shooting that could  lead to more violence .

” What we try to do and what our gang unit is doing now is taking steps to try to mediate that and intercept that so that it doesn’t happen,” Clayton said.

Investigators said many of the people involved in gang activity are young people.

As a result, the gang investigation unit is working to target youth that may be involved in gang activity and get them on right track.

” If you want help, we’re going to try and get you the resources you need to be a productive citizen,” Clayton said.

Moving forward Clayton said it will take a community effort to see less gang violence.

” What we really have to focus on and work with the community on is preventing these senseless tragic deaths.