Richmond County School System unveils reassignment plan for Sego Middle School


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Leaders at the Richmond County School System unveiled plans Tuesday night to reassign students from Sego Middle School and Wheeless Road Elementary School while they are rebuilt.

In two years, a new school is set to replace the current Sego Middle School

“The school is very, very outdated,” said Richmond County parent Darlene Huggins.

The new building will have more STEM capabilities for the kids.

“It’s a really great opportunity for the community to get a state-of-the-art school. STEM labs and maker spaces and all those kind of things for the kids,” said Kaden Jacobs, who is the director of communications at the Richmond County Board of Education. “I think they’ll be really excited once this is complete.”

But construction is slated to take about two years, and the school system has proposed reassigning Sego’s students to five other schools in the area.

“We tried to make it as convenient as possible for parents and in the best interest of the students,” Jacobs said.

But one mother tells NewsChannel 6 that those schools are all less convenient for her. She also worries about her special needs son adjusting to a new school.

She says she’s worried that he might have trouble making new friends.

“There’s a possibility that everybody will be reassigned to different places, so he’s going to have start totally all over again,” said Sego parent Ann Field. “And for my child, that’s a big issue.”

But other parents say it’s worth it to them to move their children so that they can go to the new school.

“I am very excited, especially considering she’s going to be here and going to be in 8th grade,” said Sego parent April Harris. “So I’m really excited about it.”

Some parents also told NewsChannel 6 they are happy with their children’s reassignments.

The Richmond County Board of Education will vote on the reassignment proposal as is this May. If it passes, the schools will be demolished this summer.

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