AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s official a new elementary school is coming to South Augusta. Richmond County Board of Education members approved Southside Elementary. It’ll replace Rollins Elementary on Mura Drive. 

“It’s just to respond to the new growth in that area,” said Jeff Baker.

Growth in South Augusta means more schools. The Richmond County schools building program director Jeff Baker says the plan to expand Rollins Elementary was put in place a few years ago.

He says, “It’s paired with the Richmond Hill k8 school on that same campus. A new K5 800 enrollment school with the opportunity to expand to 1200.”

Baker says the school will hold 30 percent more than that of Rollins Elementary. 

“So, the new school is 109 thousand square feet. The old school was in the 70’s. 70 to 80 thousand square feet so larger,” said Baker.

He says Rollins had to be torn down, due to its old age. He says the average building life is about 50 to 60 years and Rollins was past those constraints. Southside Elementary will offer a fresh setting for more students to learn.

“46 new K,5 elementary classrooms. Three maker spaces new computer labs, beautiful school. Architecturally it’ll resembles the Richmond Hill School to try to give it a campus feel,” said Baker

There’s still no word yet on which students will be zoned for Southside Elementary, but school leaders are expecting to break ground in two months.

Baker says, “School is going to be ready for the opening of 24 25 school year. So, ground will be broken in the next 60 days. Need to get permitting going and some other days, but they should be out there working in the next 60 days and wind up the end of spring beginning of summer 24 and then a lot of moving activity, furniture equipment, things like that.”