Richmond County school board member challenges businesses, community to support basketball teams in historic playoff week

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – As several Richmond County boys and girls basketball players proceed to the playoffs, one school leader wants the community to come together to support them.  The boys and girls basketball teams at Lucy C. Laney High School, Glenn Hills High School boys and T.W. Josey High School’s boys basketball team all face off in the state playoffs next week. Richmond County School Board member Venus Cain wants local businesses with signs to cheer the girls and boys teams to victory. She’s also calling on the community to wear their shirts with pride.

“Many of them have already signed with colleges. Many of them have full scholarships, half scholarships. It is a parent’s dream. Let’s come out and support the community. Make some hand signs and say go Laney, stick them in your window and wear your colors,” Cain said.

She wants the community to start on Tuesday. On that day, fans of Laney and Josey should wear school colors red and green, respectively. She said Glenn Hills will play in Atlanta on Wednesday and those fans should wear blue.

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