RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – A Richmond County Sheriff’s Officer officer was involved in an accident involving two other Richmond County Sheriff’s Office patrol cars that were parked on Tobacco Road.

According to authorities, the officer says that he was traveling east on Tobacco Road in his patrol vehicle (Vehicle #1) with his emergency equipment activated.

According to the officer, he was responding to an accident with injuries.

Authorities say another police vehicle (Vehicle #2) was parked facing east in the left through lane of the 2300 block of Tobacco Road with the blue emergency lights activated while a second parked police car (Vehicle #3) was parked in an east-like direction at an angle across both eastbound lanes of the 2300 block of Tobacco Road with its emergency lights activated.

According to authorities, both drivers of the parked vehicles were outside of their cars working the traffic accident.

According to investigators, the officer, who was driving in Vehicle #1, states that he was blinded by the rising sun and did not see the other two parked vehicles in the roadway causing him to crash the front bumper into the rear of Vehicle #2, which in turn struck the left front side of Vehicle #3.

Investigators say that the investigation found the police officer of Vehicle #1 at fault for Following Too Close with a contributing factor of vision obscured by the sunlight.

Authorities state that all three vehicles were towed to the Broad Street Shop, and no one was injured.