Richmond Co. Sheriff’s Office offers active shooter training


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — What would you do if shots rang out? The Orlando attack is another reminder that violence can break out anywhere at any time, and the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office wants you to be prepared.

“The first thing you want to do is exit,” said Sgt. Mike Gilliland of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office’s Community Services Division. He teaches active shooter training seminars throughout the county.

“You want to run, you want to get away from the shooter to some sort of safety,” Sgt. Gilliland said.

Sgt. Gilliland’s seminar incorporates numerous visual aides, including a video from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office that shows step-by-step how to best survive an active shooter situation.

“You want to try to hide and keep as quiet as possible,” Sgt. Gilliland said. “You want to turn your cell phones down, turn your vibration off so that, if you are hiding, it’s not going to give you away if someone calls.”

If you can’t get out, and the shooter finds where you’re hiding, then Sgt. Gilliland says you may have only one choice.

“There’s no other way out and you can’t run and you can’t hide and the shooter comes toward you need to make the decision that you’re going to fight and you’re going to survive,” said Sgt. Gilliland. “Don’t just give up because that’s what they’re hoping. They want those casualties.”

And Sgt. Gilliland says  there is one thing you can do right now to keep yourself from becoming the next victim.

“We’ve had a lot of churches removing signs off their doors saying ‘Hey, no guns allowed’ because you’re just advertising that you’re a soft target,” Sgt. Gilliland said. “They want to go to places where they have no firearms allowed. They want those soft targets. They know there’s no one there that will confront them and stop the situation.”

If you would like Sgt. Gilliland to bring his Active Shooter Training seminar to your business or organization, you can contact him at the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office by calling (706) 261-0436 or by e-mailing him at

You can also watch the full Active Shooter Training Video from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office by clicking here. WARNING: Some images in the video may be disturbing.

The Sheriff’s Office is also offering free gunlocks to keep guns in your home safe from children. You can contact the Sheriff’s Office at (706) 821-1000.

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