AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Threats against several schools across the state of Georgia…

“Of course the board of education officers and faculty also arrived at the scene and assisted us with evacuation of the students in securing the scene and again assuring that no one was overlooked all students and faculty was accounted for and there was in fact no active shooter present,” said Sheriff Richard Roundtree.

After being notified that it was a hoax, the FBI said it was aware of the issue and started an investigation with local law enforcement.

Richmond County Board of Education candidates for District 2 say this lockdown was dangerous to students and staff.

“In light of the incident that happened at Westside, although it was an unfortunate event that occurred it was something that really in my opinion…dangerous, ” said Charlie Hannah, RCBOE District 2 candidate.

Other school districts like Columbia County and Burke County also released a statement to parents assuring them the safety precautions due to the hoax.

Rev. Larry Fryer says more has to be done to prevent incidents like this.

“We’re gonna have to make sure we get our parents more involved schools system  to attend PTAs to have special meetings with them to learn more about their children” said Rev. Larry Fryer, RCBOE District 2 candidate.

And making sure safety measures are present in schools is a priority.

“I think there should be measures yes I don’t think it’s going to prevent it all but sometimes when things are in place it does help” said Rev. Larry Fryer

“We do have measures in place and procedures and response mechanisms to deal with any type of dangerous situations “ said Charlie Hannah, RCBOE District 2 candidate.

The FBI in Atlanta along with local law enforcement agencies across Georgia are continuing to investigate this incident.