Restaurant owners’ seeking more workers as they see more customers coming in


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – You may start to see more help wanted signs in the area.

One store owner tells NewsChannel 6, that it’s more than just a sign asking for help, it’s also a sign that we’re on the path back to normalcy.

“A lot of what if’s, do I pay my rent or do I pay my light bill,” said Stedman Felton.

Stedman Felton was one of many employees hit hard by the pandemic. “It kind of threw me behind in bills at home I’m still trying to play catch up,” said Felton.

But now he’s working as a server at Fat Man’s, one of many restaurants in Augusta that’s filling back up with customers.

“I feel like things have really picked up as well, we are starting to see those 2019 numbers, which are really nice we’re starting to see, and I hope we stay there,” said Havird Usry, co-owner of Fat Man’s.

Back when the city caught its first wave of Covid, Usry had to make cuts to his staff.

“At all three locations, one we kind of stayed the same, at one we went down to only one staff member, which was our general manager, and here at Fat Man’s we were at about 50 percent capacity with staff at one point,” said Usry.

But the workload didn’t slow down.

“It was like double the amount of work and half the amount of money,” said Usry. “For a lot of that time our dining room was closed, so a lot of the food was going out the back door or being picked up curbside, or just inside at the counter, and then folks were leaving again, so there wasn’t a lot of traffic through here, but it was still difficult running the show with a lot fewer folks,” he added.

And with Masters here, Fat Man owners had to add more workers to their team.

“Yeah, we did have to staff up a little bit for Masters, and we’ve seen a lot of traffic, since the women’s amateur, and the drive chip and putt today during practice rounds, so you know we’ve seen some traffic down here, and that’s nice for downtown Augusta,” said Usry.

Now Fat Man’s is fully staffed with workers.

Below is a list of local establishments that are hiring:

Soy Noodle

Circle K

Jimmy John’s




The Home Depot

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

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