Residents Talk Recovering From Severe Storm Damage Monday


Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Augusta residents talk about what it was like as damaging storms passed through the CSRA and how they plan to move forward.

For some, Monday, April 3, 2017 was just another ordinary day but for others, this was the worst day of their lives. After the devastating storms and high winds that came through the CSRA, NewsChannel 6 went to speak with residents who lost it all. Our first stop was at a home that was completely destroyed. We spoke with the person that was in one of the rooms sleeping and he says he thought he was in a dream.

“It actually came down as I was sleep, so I actually looked and once I opened the door, that’s why I say I called my brother to actually tell him ‘hey look I see sunlight inside the room I know that ain’t right’,” said Jeffery Manefee, Augusta Resident.

Our second stop was a home where trees blocked of all entries to their home.

“Really half of 2 huge trees crashed down and I’m sure that their plenty of parts of the city that are similarly affected,” said Susan Chandler, an Augusta resident.

After Mondays severe weather, residents in the CSRA are picking up the pieces to try and move forwards.

“As I began to feel the room begin to shake I got kinda scared so I kinda jumped up and made sure nobody else was in the house so I wont open my door. As soon as I opened my door I see a tree branch coming through the next room,” said Jeffery Manefee, Augusta Resident.

Jeffery Manefee says he felt as if he was dreaming as branches came through each part of his home as he tried to escape.

“I would say as of going to an arcade and sitting on top of a vibrating chair, and just not imaging a closed room that shakes up a box or something,” said Jeffery Manefee, Augusta Resident.

“And I could barely get the door open, it just came out of nowhere and I dived into the kitchen and very quickly just heard a huge crash,” said Susan Chandler, an Augusta resident.

Some places in the area where far worse than others as trees came down everywhere causes crews to works around the clock to clean things up in a timely manner.

“Well it started yesterday about 3:30, 4 o clock and we stayed out til about 12, 12:30. Right back at it this morning about 7:30 and been on it since,” said Donnie Harden, working for traffic maintenance

“Like many people in town we have guest coming in for the masters so we’re personally very grateful to get us up and going as fast as they have,”  said Susan Chandler, an Augusta resident.

“As a family I mean everything’s kinda rocky so so its really not too much talking its just a loss,” said Jeffery Manefee, Augusta Resident.

“We love this area of town, we don’t wanna move, we know it’s a risk and we’re just soldiering on like everybody else,” said Susan Chandler, an Augusta resident.

“Hopefully we can try to get the most valuable things out of the house, to somewhere new I guess,” said Jeffery Manefee, Augusta Resident.

Jeffery Manefee and family are currently looking for housing, all families were okay with no injuries.

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