AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — Plans for revitalization and growth in South Augusta have gained the support of some people living in the area.

” I know that there has been other people thinking about doing other things there and it hasn’t come true, but maybe this is the time. It’s a great plan. So, I’m hopeful,” Mandy Nunnery said.

The recently announced plans for the Regency Mall development includes an apartment complex, retail and restaurants.

Some said it will meet the need in the area.

” We don’t have a lot of places to eat, and shopping is limited. So, we definitely need to see some growth, retail and restaurants,” Nunnery said.

” It’s a great location. You have the highway right there for people to come in and out and Gordon Highway, but they need to do something with South Augusta,” Phillip Ben said.

However, others said they want to see that space used for another purpose.

” We have to have development, but we have to focus on the troubled areas first,” Lenard Jackson said.

Lenard Jackson , a veteran who has lived in Augusta for years said the regency mall property could be transformed into a resource center for homeless and veterans.

” Its already been retail. Its already been all of that. Now they want to tear it down and do the same thing. We do they want to tear it down and do the same thing. We have a homeless problem. We are we wasting all that space,” Jackson said.

Steven Kendrick hosted his second town hall meeting to give residents a chance to give input on those plans on Wednesday.