AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF)- The Richmond County sheriff’s office is alarming people of fake parking tickets being put on cars in Downtown Augusta.

“I have never experienced any parking ticket scams, but I have experienced some people to tempt to try to scam me” said Terahshea Jones.

If you’ve seen a parking citation on your car in downtown Augusta — The Richmond County sheriff’s office says it’s a scam. 

Investigators have been notified of someone issuing fake parking tickets. Residents who come downtown regularly say this is not a surprise. 

 “ they get so elaborate it’s hard to catch a scam now really if it’s too good to be true it probably is too good to be true but they then got real clever with it now” said Jones.

When you park near downtown Augusta, there are no parking meters to pay for parking. But you can find signs letting you know of parking times. 

“Double check behind it make sure you go to maybe like the courthouse and make sure that it’s valid before you just pay it “ said Zandra Manning.

It’s always important to keep an eye out on scams like this to avoid becoming a victim. Deputies say any citations issued by the Richmond County sheriff’s office will have law enforcement’s information on the ticket.  

“Just try to be up on yourself and be a little diligent just basically really if it sounds to good to be true than it probably is” said Jones.

“Be safe and don’t get scammed” said Manning.

If you’ve experienced a parking citation scam or have concerns, contact the Richmond County Sheriffs Office.