AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — People living in Richmond County can now tell city leaders where they think the money for the 2023 budget should go.

An online survey breaks down where tax dollars could be allocated.

Some of the categories include public safety, quality of life and infrastructure.

Newschannel 6 asked people what they feel should be prioritized.

” I would like to see more going on for the children in South Augusta instead of going all the way to Columbia county or even across the bridge,” Regina Bey said.

Madine Cummings said she would like to se more done with infrastructure.

” Infrastructure will open jobs for one thing. It will make sure that we can employ more staff,” Cummings said.

Others said they want to see more done about the poor condition of roads.

” You have to almost swerve to miss potholes,” Cummings said.

Rufus Foster said he wants to see upkeep in parts of the city.

” Instead of going across the river and seeing different things and progress and grass kept, trees, buildings growing and things happening I think we should be the same way,” Foster said.

Some also pointed to the many vacant buildings in downtown Augusta and the need for more business in the area.

” More businesses because it looks shut down. It looks closed,” Rhoda Hann said.

” There’s money to be made all over the city. That’s how I see it. Its big enough, plenty of parking. What’s the problem,” Sam Jones said.

The survey will be available online until July 31.