Rescues seek foster parents for fur babies


HARLEM, Ga. (WJBF) – As some send donations to Hurricane Harvey victims out west, others may receive animals displaced from the storm. Those animals impacted by the weather event have experienced trauma, which is the case for some local animals who go through abuse and neglect.  Southern Souls Rescue owner and director Nancy Kay told NewsChannel 6 those pets are shell shocked and will need lots of love and attention before going back home.

Molly, a black and white dog about five years old, has a new home, at least on a temporary basis, since Catie Foss and her family decided to become furry foster parents.

“We need to be more of a community and help out,” Foss said. “We saw a couple of weeks ago on the news about the hoarder babies and the situation with over 80 dogs found in a puppy mill place so we said we have to go get some puppies.”

One Shih Tzu stuck out among the rest. Molly. And she has more love now than she could have ever imagined.

Foss said, “We already have one dog and he’s spoiled rotten so when we give him treats we try to give Molly treats and she doesn’t quite understand like why am I getting this and she just kind of looks at you like what is this?”

Lots of dogs need foster homes just like Molly. Kay said Southern Souls Rescue in Harlem takes canines in around the clock and getting them into a forever home takes a temporary home sometimes first.

“Most of these dogs come to us with social issues, with medical issues, they’re not house broken. They have issues from being abandoned. They have issues from being in puppy mills,” she explained.

Kay has a handful of foster parents now. She said there is an application process that mirrors the adoption one. Potential fosters need to have time most of all.

“If you work can you come home from lunch to be able to let the dog out to go to the bathroom? Are you home at night or are you a social person that goes out all night partying,” she said.

Fosters need to be prepared to leash walk dogs or have a fenced in backyard for dogs to run around. But the rescue offers food and when it’s time to see the doctor, you’re covered.

“The vet bills we cover 100 percent and heartworm treatments we cover 100 percent,” she said.

While it may be a wait before some dogs find their forever home, Molly may already be there.

Foss exclaimed, “Foster failure for sure. I don’t see us giving her to anybody or letting her go back anywhere else.”

Kay added animals from Harvey may be displaced for up to a year and those shell shocked pets will need to be taken care of for a longer time.

To complete a foster application with Southern Souls Rescue, click here.

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