Renaming the Calhoun Expressway reemerges following Virginia violence


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – The confederate monument has been on Broad Street for nearly 140 years, 70 feet tall, a confederate soldier at its top

On the monument statues of Confederate Generals

A sure target in some cities but not yet in the cross-hairs of Augusta leaders.

“I don’t agree with the history but that’s what the history was I think we got bigger fish to fry than that,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

“From me on a personal level I more concerned what is in our hearts as opposed to the statue itself,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

“Right now I see no need to remove any of the monuments right now it’s there as a reminder sometimes a good reminder sometimes a bad,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

For many, John C Calhoun is a bad reminder of the past, and some city leaders are not for removing the Confederate Monument downtown. Though they are for removing his name from the Expressway and calling it something else.

“I would much rather it be called Veterans Parkway, that way we could honor our veterans here in Augusta and Richmond County as opposed to John C. Calhoun, said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

“You going to bring it back up?”

“I will,” said Fennoy.

Commissioners took no action on renaming the expressway in March, but would they now want to reconsider.

“It does bring you heartburn when you begin to identify some of the atrocities that that he participated in,” said Commissioner4 Ben Hasan.

“That’s something we can look at,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“That could be something we all look at,” said Commissioner Andrew Jefferson.

“You like that idea?

“Well it could be something we can all look at,” Jefferson repeated.

“I think that anytime we attach to a building a street a road it should be someone we should be proud of John C Calhoun isn’t somebody that I’m proud of,” said Commissioner Fennoy.

The Calhoun Expressway is a state road, but the Georgia DOT says requests for name changes do come from local government to be approved by the legislature.

Back in March the Calhoun name change could not get any traction with Commissioner Fennoy saying he would put it on hold for a later time

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