Reinstating fines for trash haulers supported


 AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF) – When a city hauler misses your trash, city leaders now say it needs to cost them cash.

“If you’re not enforcing penalties for garbage pickup then there not as forthcoming with hiring more people when they need to or following up when they need to if you don’t have consequences, you let it get away from you,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

In two years, complaints about trash service tripled from about $150 a month to more than $450 a month.

Ask a commissioner about garbage complaints.

“Not one not two but about 30 and maybe more it seemed District 7 was having issues a couple of weeks ago then it ended up in District 3 last week,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

The garbage contracts call for fines when haulers commit errors. this year the fines were running about $100,000 a month.

But in June the commission voting to waive the fines because of the impact of COVID on the haulers.

“It was a good reason because it was difficult to get employees to work you see signs that say come in an apply you can’t make somebody to a job they’re not equipped to do,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

But a commission committee is now recommending if the haulers don’t do the job, they should again face financial penalties to decrease complaints.

“Not providing a service is more important factor in this whole thing I think we let the community down on this one,” said Commissioner Clarke.

Trash service is one problem residents want to see tossed. If the full commissioner approves next week the penalties will restart October 1st

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