Recycling Can Help You Help CSRA Animals In Need


Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Starting Friday, March 4th, recyclers will be able to raise money for Augusta’s Animal Services shelter and the CSRA Humane Society with a simple mouse click.

Until April 30th, each time a new, or existing, Recycling Perks user adds an additional user to their account, $2 will be raised and shared by the Augusta Animal Services shelter and the CSRA Humane Society.

If you’re not yet signed up, creating a new account will also generate a $2 donation.

“Add anyone who recycles at the same address as yours…your partner, children, and roommates! You’ll literally raise money in a click! It’s a good thing for the rescues, for you and for our planet! Plus, it’s nice to share the common earned points with your family” says Bill Dempsey, President of Recycling Perks.

According to a release, Recycling Perks rewards registered recyclers throughout the year for their efforts with more than 100 discounts and freebies from local spots around town.

Registering at is simple and free for residential Solid Waste customers residing in the Augusta, Georgia service area. By recycling regularly, Recycling Perks members have the opportunity to save $25 or more per month.

How Recycling Perks Works:

Augusta Solid Waste residential customers can click here to invite users to their account and help will raise $2 per added user.

Augusta Solid Waste residential customers who aren’t signed up yet will activate their free account at Recycling Perks. It takes less than two minutes.

Once a customer is enrolled, their cart will be automatically assigned to their household. If their cart is not automatically associated, they can add their cart to their online account by entering the serial number on their cart.

Every time their recycling cart gets picked up at the curb on their normal pick up day, the associated Recycling Perks account will automatically receive 25 points.

Recyclers can log in 24/7 to Recycling Perks and redeem earned points for discounts at local businesses. They can add household members to the account allowing them to share the common earned points.

Recycling Perks is accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone and can geo-locate rewards nearest you or your home.

The final amount of money raised will be published on Facebook at the end of the campaign (April 30th, 2016)

“Recycling participation continues to grow in Augusta. Recycling Perks is our way to give back to recyclers, and local businesses”, explains Augusta Environmental Services Contract Administrator Becky Padgett.

Recycling Perks’ goal is to increase community recycling while supporting local businesses. This time, it’s about supporting a local animal rescues.

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