APPLING, Ga (WJBF)- Soon, in Columbia County, law enforcement will be able to better respond to emergencies. Construction is underway for a new “Real Time Crime Center”. It will allow law enforcement and emergency responders to react more quickly to crimes and emergencies.

If you’re a fan of crime dramas you’ve likely seen something like it on TV. When it’s finished, it will be a wall, floor to ceiling, of screens that will display things like maps, and neighborhoods and traffic camera feeds. They’ll even be able to quickly search criminal databases.

Dispatchers will be able to tell a firefighter the exact location of a hydrant. Or they can tell paramedics where a heart defibrillator machine is located and the place where they’re going.

“It will allow us to do what’s called virtual response. Within seconds of a call coming in, we will have the ability to be on scene with the use of our camera systems. The 9-1-1 dispatchers in the Real Time Crime Center will have the ability to access those cameras and give real time information to responding units whether it be law enforcement, EMS, fire department and we will know very quickly what’s going on,” said Lt. Jamey Moss with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

The dispatcher will have all county owned assets at their disposal so they can immediately tell first responders what’s available to them and where to find them.

The new system will buy emergency responders extra and possibly precious time.

“So we are always looking for ways to advance technology to help us serve the community, solve crime, make a difference. It’s going to provide a way for my dispatchers along with the rest of the agency to work even more closely to respond quickly to incidents and utilize our resources effectively,” explained Lt. Moss.

The 911 call center will be hiring in order to fully staff the Real Time Crime Lab.

The cost for the project is expected to be nearly $570,000 and the funds are already approved through SPLOST.

The Sheriff’s Office expects the project to be completed and functioning by the end of this year.