McBean, Ga (WJBF) – They were expecting to be splashing the afternoons away at McBean Park but right now that is not the case.

It was a long time in the waiting for it and everything we were excited that it was finally open especially for our summer camp program and for the community as well we had a really big turnout all weekend when I came up Saturday it was still working, and we had a real big turn out that day too,” said Carli Robbins, Program Coordinator at McBean.

Caution ribbons now circle the pad 130-thousand-dollar splash pad where just Friday city leaders were holding the ribbon cutting.

The city said sometime Sunday the control until was vandalized and needs to be repaired or replaced before the water splashes here again.

It’s just a bad thing for the kids, I feel sorry for the kids because I know they were really looking forward to it,” said Regis Quinton, who lives near the park.

“It just hurt my heart because it’s something for the kids to do it’s only something the little kids can come run and enjoy get wet cool off and have fun so it’s just sad it had to happen,” said Sharon Ashley, who lives nearby and takes programs at the park.

Commissioner Brandon Garrett represents the area, and says there have been prior incidents, in a statement saying.  

“This is the second time this splash pad has been vandalized, this is on the community you know who did this and they are preventing your children from having a fun place to play,” Garrett said.

It’s just sad we don’t have anything as it is then we try to have something and then just tear it up for no reason no reason at all,” said Ashley.  

The city says there is no estimate now on how long repairs will take or how much they will cost.