Ramadan Meal


Augusta, GA –

This year Ramadan is observed from June 6th to July 6th. It’s a time for many who embrace the Muslim Faith to reconnect, re-evaluate and re-access their lives. Newschannel 6’s Kimberely Scott spent the day at the local Islamic Community Center.

June is the 9th month on the Islamic Lunar Calendar and it’s also the time Ramadan is observed. The Islamic Community Center of Augusta is opening their doors during this time and inviting the public to come in Ramadan is a time when Muslims focus on their faith, purify their souls, practicing self-discipline and sacrifice.

Imam, ” it’s a very spiritual time, of month where the heaven connected with earth.”

During this time Muslims all over the world abstain from all food, drink and other physical needs, from sun up to sun set.

Imam, ” when we learn how to control ourselves on a very minor issue, skipping the food, skipping the drink for as certain good righteous purpose, we would be learning by the end of the 30 days how to control ourselves on the major things.”

This time of fasting is also a reminder of those who suffer throughout the year, the poor, homeless and refugees.

Imam, ” so it is an up hold for the physics, the body and an uphold for the spirit, and the less you eat, the wiser and more deflection you have.”

Each night at sundown believers gather at the Islamic Community Center, in the sanctuary for prayer. They kneel and prayer facing northeast toward Mecca.

Imam, “I stand here for the prayer and people follow me whatever I do in that prayer…..and the brothers and sisters will be lining up in this sanctuary.”

The sanctuary is adorned with meaning inscriptions all referencing god and or the Islamic Faith.

Imam, “In this sanctuary we also have nice contribution which is the 99 beautiful Names of God.” “He is the High Supreme, The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, like God the Almighty, God the Opener, God the Kind, The Just, The Fair, The Forgiving.”

After prayer is offered, the public is invited to share a meal with them as they break their fast. Everyone will eat together in their dining hall.

Imam, “So much propaganda and media blocking sometimes the possibility of someone to have the courage to come and knock at the door and say hey we are your neighbor what do you do. Imam says this is a time to come meet and experience our muslim neighbors.

Again, the public is invited to the Islamic Community Center of Augusta on Old Evans Road at 8pm tonight for prayer and a meal as they break their fast for the day at sun down.

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