Questions swirl around proposed landfill


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) It’s the proposed site for a new landfill to take in construction and demolition materials, materials that also go into the city’s landfill.

Some commissioners say losing out to a new landfill would cost the city revenue that might have to be made up by an increase in garbage rates.

“If we do that it would be an inevitable that conversation would start again I think it’s best not to entertain that and do what’s best for the city of Augusta and bring as business as we possibly can here,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan.

City leaders raising many questions about the impact of the proposed landfill.

Officials at the landfill say losing out on construction and demolition materials could cost the city 700 thousand to one million dollars a year.

But former commissioner Moses Todd had other concerns telling city leaders the proposed landfill could create environmental problems.

“Certainly we’re concerned about lead contamination negative impact we’re concerned about h s negative impact,” said Todd.

But a landfill engineers dismissed any environmental worries.

“A construction and demolition waste as a very low potential and cause pollution to the ground water or into the soil around it,” said David Russell an engineer with Dixon Airline Recycling and Disposal

But city landfill officials question whether there was a need for a new landfill for construction and demolition landfill saying there’s 140 years’ worth of space in the current landfill…

“Space projections in landfills are like rolling the dice I’ve never seen a projection that went longer,” said Russell.

On a six to two vote with two abstaining commissioners voted this afternoon to begin the process of amending the waste management plan, but the mayor stressing this doesn’t mean the commission has approved a new landfill, however it is a step in that direction, the landfill still needs planning commission approval as well as an okay from the state environmental protection division.

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