Proposed Augusta bus routes would get riders to Walmarts


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) New proposed bus routes could make grocery shopping easier for people in Augusta.

As we told you the transit department is looking alter its bus routes to make them more streamlined and make the routes more accessible to stores, namely Walmart.

Transit consultants say virtually every one of the proposed new routes will include a Walmart stop.

“Well there’s a lot of Walmarts in Augusta so yeah we Walmarts are a destination a lot of transit riders and a lot of people in general want to go to in Augusta that’s why there are three Walmarts we want to take people where they want to go anyway,” said Boris Palchik, of Nelson Nygaard.

With the closing of the 15th street Kroger next week, the new bus routes could be important getting people to the grocery store, however, the bus route planning will not be completed until May.

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