NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WJBF) – Families living with at risk loved ones who may wander can utilize a program in North Augusta. North Augusta Public Safety wants to remind the community about Project Lifesaver.

It runs the non-profit program which helps locate people who have the behavior of wandering such as Alzheimer’s or autism.

Those individuals wear a wrist band. When they go missing, the caregiver notifies the agency using Project Lifesaver and those trained members try and locate them with radio technology.

Lieutenant Andrew Harris said the program has been around since 1999 and has a proven record of success nationally and locally.

“The client would wear a transmitter on their wrist. If they do become prone to wander away from their caregiver or from home we can respond as a search team and use a receiver to locate them in a timely manner along with the rest of the search team,” Lt. Harris with North Augusta Department of Public Safety said, adding the program’s response time determines life and death sometimes.

Lt. Harris added those safety officers searching for someone with Project Lifesaver have to be within a one mile radius on the ground to find them. It’s a five mile radius by air for agencies that search by helicopter. NADPS does not yet. He said there is no cost to get your loved one a wristband for the program. Additionally, other local agencies also use Project Lifesaver.

For more information, contact North Augusta Department of Public Safety at 803-279-2121 and ask for Lt. Harris. You can also email him at