Proclamation presented in honor of ‘National Nurse Practitioner Week’


Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Hospitals around the nation are celebrating ‘national nurse practitioner week’ including hospitals here in the CSRA. Newschannel 6 shares details from Doctors Hospital where Mayor Hardie Davis is presenting a proclamation.

National nurse practitioner week is a week to recognize the contributions to healthcare across the nation. Mayor Hardie Davis presented a proclamation at doctors hospital to celebrate the knowledge and clincial expertise that meet public health needs in the CSRA.

“When you look back 50 years ago where Dr. Loretta Ford had that radical idea that nurses could do more than they’ve historically and traditionally had done to even  include not only accessing but diagnosing and prescribing medications this is a combination of all that great work,” said Hardie Davis, Jr.,  Mayor of Augusta.

NPs stress that there are alot of patients that don’t have access to providers or insurance and that’s where most of the confusion lies.

“From a consumer standpoint ultimately it could mean that you get seen sooner than you potentially would because physician didn’t have any opening in there own schedule,” said Hetal Thakore, Medical Director at Doctor’s Hospital.

“We are a combination of the care that you would get from a nurse, wrapped up in the care that you would get from a provider,” said Samantha Tojino – Family Nurse Practitioner.

“Typically they’ll make us more efficient and allow us to be able to see more patients ultimately in a timely manner,” said Hetal Thakore, Medical Director at Doctor’s Hospital.

Prationers say that it is a big difference between phycicians and np’s but they both have the same goals at the end of the day.

The main goal is to care the population, care for people. Thank your nurse practitioner if you have one for the care that she contributes to your care,” said Samantha Tojino – Family Nurse Practitioner.

National nurse practitioner week will end on Saturday at west lake country club as doctors and supports will host a gala.

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