AUGUSTA, Ga. ( WJBF) — Stocking up and staying put — that’s how some people are preparing for possible severe winter weather over the weekend.

“Just blankets, firewood and water,” Avery Grice said.

Augusta Emergency Management officials recommend taking precautions and having at least 3 days of supplies at home.

Vante Adams said he’s already prepared.

“My grandmother always taught me that if you’re always prepared you don’t have to get ready. So, we keep water bottles, and we keep plenty of food. We could probably go a whole year without going to the grocery store,” Adams said.

He said he’s also prepared for possible power outages that a winter storm could bring.

“We have three generators and we keep gas cans on hand,” Adams said.

Emergency management officials said in case of a power outage you should keep flashlights and extra batteries on hand.

“I got plenty of flashlights and candles all over the house,” Avery Grice said.

EMA officials said you should plan on being home and remaining there by late Saturday evening through Sunday.

If you must go out, give yourself extra time to get to drive at a safer and slower speed.