Post July 4th variant rise and vaccine push


Atlanta, GA (WJBF)- State health data shows that 6 out 10 Georgians are still not vaccinated.

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“Those communities that have high rates of vaccination can have a normal summer. My concern is in the communities where there is greater number of unvaccinated people. It’s a question of math and logic,” said Dr. David Kessler, White House’s COVID-19 Task Force Chief Science Officer.

The Department of Health says Georgia has 50 reported cases of the new delta variant and fewer testing, that number could be higher.

“The delta variant is easier to transmit and get, and when you get it those are getting sicker and the vaccination helps protect against the delta variant,” said Dr. Toyosi Okurounmu, Chief Medical Officer at United Healthcare of Georgia.

The White House says the delta variant count has gone up by 26% in the last month and it’s of greatest risk to unvaccinated adults and children.

“The best way to bring down the amount of virus is to get as many people vaccinated who can get vaccinated. By getting adults vaccinated, and adolescents, we protect everyone and can get back to normal,” said Dr. Kessler.

As schools reopen next month to in person learning, the state health department wants more children to get vaccinated right now only 3 out of 10 teens have received at least one dose.

Vaccination from the previous strains and the new ones we have there out now,” said Dr. Okurounmu.

“More people who are vaccinated means less places the virus can go. Getting vaccinated today won’t protect you instantly tomorrow but can protect you over the next several weeks,” said Dr. Kessler.

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