NWS investigation into Aiken County severe weather reveals no tornadic activity


Possible tornado in Wagener, Sc

#UPDATE | June 22, 2021 (WJBF) – The National Weather Service’s survey of a weather pattern resembling a tornado failed to turn up evidence that the funnel cloud ever reached the ground.

A spokesperson for the NWS out of Columbia said that the investigation spanned from the Northwest corner Aiken State Park in Windsor to West of Wagener.

The investigation followed the path of the storm cell that led to a Tornado Warning being issued for Aiken County.

The investigation failed to turn up any evidence of damage along the path of the cell, suggesting that the cell may not have been strong enough to force the rotation down to the ground.

No area of downed limbs was ever located during the course of the investigation.

AIKEN COUNTY (WJBF) – WJBF has confirmed with the National Weather Service’s Forecast Office in Columbia, SC, that a team has been dispatched to Aiken County, South Carolina, Monday to investigate weather patterns that spawned a tornado warning in that county Sunday.

Right now, they are looking at several rural areas of the county. Despite lack of eyewitness accounts, due possibly in part to the remote nature of the areas under scrutiny, the NWS Office in Columbia says that the radar data is very convincing, which is why an investigation into possible tornadic activity has been launched.

Picture courtesy of: Jermaine Martin, Wagener, SC.

In reference to the above photograph taken in Wagener Sunday afternoon, the NWS says that these type of photographic accounts are very useful and further help to understand the radar images collected yesterday.

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