Pollen falls sooner than previous years in CSRA


AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – Pollen falls 4 to 5 weeks earlier than what allergy specialist have noticed.

It’s March 1st and pollen is everywhere around you.

“Everything just empties from my sinuses and it’s really miserable” said an allergy patient.

“We are seeing patients are having an allergy flare up pretty early this year,” said Dr. Vanitcha Pintavorn of Augusta Family Allergy.

All the pollen arriving so early is causing many allergy sufferers to feel the symptoms way before they thought they would.

“I get extremely itchy pretty much all the time especially when I’m falling asleep and trying to relax, and also on windy days I have a runny nose and runny eyes… Lots of general discomfort,” said an allergy patient.

“We’re about 4 to 5 weeks ahead of the usual ahead of tree pollinating time,” said Dr. Vanitcha Pintavorn of Augusta Family Allergy.

Dr. Pintavorn says the mild winter we had this year means a good, deep frost never got a chance to slow down the budding of trees and plants.

“At first no the pattern of your allergies if you tend to have seasonal allergies of symptoms in the spring time of in the fall time.. Most likely you are allergic to tree pollen and some of the grass pollen”

She says that if the plants and trees are blooming to check with your doctor and see if you should start your medication early..

And she says you can avoid problems by washing off before you go to bed, making sure your windows are closed, and not hanging clothes to dry outside. She also says you should avoid touching your face.

“You also can talk with your doctor and see should I start my medicines now and medicines that we use could include like an antihistamine, decongestanta, and a nasal spray,” said Dr. Vanitcha Pintavorn of Augusta Family Allergy.

Doctors say that the medicine should be taken early so that the treatment can take affect.

“If you’ve got mild allergies I would recommend seeing what their doctor says about any medications that they can take on a daily basis to decrease symptoms,” said an allergy patient.

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