AUGUSTA (WJBF)- Phinizy began the event with people gathered to collect trash within their own environment.

“We started the morning with cleanups throughout the CSRA. So, volunteers went to different locations in the CSRA and picked up trash which is the real meaning of earth day,” Executive Director at Phinizy Center for Water Sciences Alicia Sweat said.

The event consisted of live performances by local entertainment.

“With local vendors that are eco-friendly and earth-friendly– and then they can also enjoy some food and just getting to meet other vendors,” Sweat said.

“Earth day is that chance to invest locally. It’s going to be that chance to say that we, we take our community seriously, we take the difficulties that we’re facing, we take the celebrations– we’re coming into the Hub,” Board Member at Augusta Locally Grown Katie Harden said.

“We are a big supporter of the arts and of course, engagement. That’s one thing that’s so important about education– is getting students and children excited about learning. So, when they think back today, they’re gonna have all these fond memories and hopefully with our participation and hopefully with our participation and they’re going to have that really positive image and why we should care about earth day,” Member of Arcane Arts Amanda Waymer said.

The Emcee, for the day, was one of Newschannel6’s own, Chief Meteorologist Tim Miller. 

The community also got the chance to learn more about earth day through interactive activities to help people learn why taking care of our planet is so important.

“Doing things that can help our earth for years to come. So, we do different classes to educate on how eco-friendly– we’ll have a de-composting class here in a little bit and again, that’s just teaching people the different ways they can recycle and reuse different things that they already have at their homes.”