Pet adoptions trending upward at shelter


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Francine Towns brought a feral cat to Augusta animal services, she says there’s a lot of strays out there.

“That’s what people should do spay or neuter your animals don’t let them just multiply and multiply,” said Towns.

“A lot of strays end up at Animal Services but  Gary Jones was doing his part to get pets out he was there to adopt a certain lab that caught his eye.

“She’s a Chocolate Lab I just lost one the first of the year she was 17 years old I seen that one it broke my heart, said Jones.

“You want to take it home.” “Yes I do,” Jones  said.

The  majority of animals that do come in to the shelter are euthanized  the vast numbers and the limited space here dictates that but there is also an adoption program and this year they’ve never seen the number of adoptions like this.

“Record pace we are ahead of where we were last year,” said Director Sharon Broady.

And that’s nothing to sneeze at because last year was a record at the shelter for getting pets into new homes.

“It feels great we want to keep the momentum going though we want to surpass the numbers we adopted last year,” said Broady.

Director Sharon Broady credits her staff, rescue groups and volunteers for the increase in adoptions.

But the shelter has lost it full time vet however she’s staying on part time so she feels that shouldn’t slow down adoptions.

“So with her working part time and the area vets that have chipped in to help us our momentum is still increasing,” said Broady.

And getting more pets out of the shelter is a home run.

“You’re helping the number.”

“Oh yeah we would love to see more of them come out of here,” said Jones.

New animal regulations kick in next year and Broady says they would help reduce the numbers at the shelter with the new pet licensing requirements that will make registration free as long as you pet is fixed.

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