AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – People looking for help becoming parents took part in an event tailored just for bringing healthy babies into the world.

The CSRA Perinatal Expo took place Saturday morning at the Kroc Center in Augusta.  A panel of speakers included a pediatrician, OB-GYN Dr. Donna Adams Pickett with Augusta Women’s Health & Wellness Center and NewsChannel 6’s Barclay Bishop and Renetta DuBose discussing their battle with infertility. The annual event sponsored by Amerigroup brought out several medical experts and support organizations to get families from the planning stages of having a baby through postpartum.  

We spoke with the co-owner of Cor Physical Therapy & Pilates Studio about how it helps mothers through pelvic therapy.

Jessica Coffey said, “Our pelvis and our pelvic floor really serves many, many purposes in the body.  In pregnancy and postpartum, it really has so many functions.  It helps us stay stable.  It helps us move well through pregnancy.”

Toscha Charles, a Wellstar MCG Health nurse, told NewsChannel 6 about a program that helps mothers with cardiovascular disease and pre-eclampsia.

“Georgia has the highest cardiovascular mortality and morbidity and we want to decrease those numbers, so the Cardio-OB program was designed,” Charles said adding that women can come into the program through a referral from a doctor or self-referral.

One Georgia based start-up business attended the event too. Dr. DeShawn Stevenson said he started to be an online platform that serves as the number one pathway to parenthood for all.

“One of the things that I want people to know is that infertility is real and it affects a lot of people, whether that be men and women and that we have to work collectively to make sure that we address these issues,” said Dr. Stevenson, CEO & Co-Founder.

Several people received baby themed giveaways too.  The CSRA Perinatal Expo takes place through out the region twice a year.