APPLING, Ga. (WJBF)- People gathered on Clarks Hill Lake where they’re taking a break from work this Labor Day Weekend.

Really just like a long weekend– I think some people kinda get lost in that– so I think the importance is like spending this holiday with family and friends,” Megan Steinmeyer said.  

Megan Steinmeyer says it’s a place where many families who live in the area, and who are just visiting, go to spend some time away. 

“I grew up on Clarks Hill, it’s a fun lake. My advice is come out, have fun, but of course be safe. Gotta be responsible when you’re out here you know.” 

Ashley Price says holidays like these give you a chance to embrace the fresh outdoors around us. 

“I think it’s important to spend time together and just relax from the hustle and bustle everyday and just to enjoy these moments that we can with each other.”

Another frequent lake goer, Chase Williamson, says it gives him the chance to slow down and be with family. 

“The one thing I enjoyed is spending time with my brother. He’s in school, I’m in college and I work. So, I mean I get to see him all the time and my family we’re all here hanging out. So, I mean, it’s a really important time for all of us.” 

The lake has many things for you and your family to do, whether it’s a day trip or you plan to stay the weekend.

“There’s like picnic areas you can go eat, there’s a dam down the road you can go fish off that, spend time with the family, take some walks. I mean, it’s really beautiful, we got the ramp right there you can go sit on, fish off it. Just hang out with your friends, have a good time,” Williamson said. 

No matter who you’re with, most say, time at Clarks Hill is time well spent. 

“I’m not with my own family, even just going a part of somebody else’s family and just celebrating it for what it is,” Logan Hawkins said.