“People have been buying them earlier” local store owners report high demand for fireworks


AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) – As the economy continues to recover from the covid-19 pandemic, some supply chains struggle to keep up with the demand. That includes fireworks. And while some fireworks are hard to come across, local store owners tell me they are fully stocked up on everything else.

“As you can see our shelves are very full, were well stocked,” said Skip Playford.

Fully stocked and ready to pop. Playford, the owner of Wacky Wayne’s, says that it’s all about your perspective when it comes to talks of a firework shortage.

“There are some items that are low quantity, but then we have items where there are plenty of them,” said Playford.

And that’s what Elizabeth Milner sees across the river at Jake’s Fireworks.

“I don’t think there’s actually a shortage, it’s just harder to get them in the store,” said Milner.

Milner says they’re actually seeing a high demand for fireworks right now.

“People have been buying them earlier and a lot more than usual,” said Milner.

NewsChannel 6 asked around to see which fireworks were hot buys for the 4th of July and while some were not as interesting…

“Stuff that lights up not really explodes, but the roman candles that spin,” said Alexander Duncan.

Most people are planning to go big.

“My wife really likes the big ones that spray everywhere and are really colorful,” said Michael Buck.

Whatever you’re planning to light up tonight, keep in mind that local ordinances prohibit fireworks after 10 pm. You also want to make sure you follow safety guidelines, like keeping a bucket of water near, only setting off fireworks in open areas, and always have adult supervision if you’re under 18.

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