AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF )- Aiken residents are giving their concerns to city council tonight on a property that has gone through several potential phases.

“I don’t think people are averse to the based on what I’m hearing,” Lessie Price, Aiken City councilwomen.

Many people spoke in front of council members expressing what they think city leader should do with the old Aiken hospital property.

Aiken-corporation, a private non-profit, gave a proposal on wanting to buy the property and what they would use it for.

“Five locations were chosen to analyze. At one point, one was the hold hospital, three were city owned, and one that is owned by the Aiken corporation,” said Melissa Smith.

Some residents spoke against Aiken Corporation plan….

“I really don’t feel that Aiken corp should oversee this project they have track record of overruns and adding to the scope of work,” said Margaret Whitfield.

Leaders say its still uncertain how the old hospital property will be used in the future, and will take all concerns into consideration.

“Heard support for the old Hospital site that seem to be what the citizens want to swallow,” says a resident.