Parents get second chance to complete high school in Richmond County


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Even though high school graduation is approaching for thousands of students throughout Richmond County, parents now have the chance for academic success too. It’s called CSRA Parent University and the Richmond County School System designed it to make sure that parents wanting to complete their high school career can do so without any barriers.

NewsChannel 6 spoke with Richmond County School System Superintendent Angela Pringle about the opportunity.

“When you have that diploma and you hang that diploma or display that diploma for students it’s inspirational,” she said.

The district is hoping to restore pride in some homes.

“We want 100 percent of our students to aspire to graduate with that high school diploma and of course go on to do some other things,” Pringle stated. “There is no better inspiration than knowing that you have a parent, one or two parents, or just people in your house that really value education and have reached that goal that you aspire to reach.”

Superintendent Pringle added that Richmond County School System is partnering with Augusta Technical College to provide adult education and GED classes for parents. CSRA Parent University will be free, offer meals and childcare.

“Also, we’re going to embed some parent education courses. We’re going to slip some of those in through active parenting so that parents can really be at a level to talk about good parenting skills and getting kids school ready.”

“I used to actually work in education and I often met with parents that had not finished their education at all maybe never even getting their GED. Many of them wanted to be able to help their children more in school. I think that this is the way to do it,” Andrea Norman, of Columbia County, told us.

Other people we spoke with in the community think the program is an academic win for the district and it helps the CSRA.

Nichole Hirst said, “It’s definitely an economy boost.”

Fei Li, who lives in Richmond County, added, “These people usually have busy days, that’s what I’m thinking. But if you offer childcare and feeding them, they really don’t have an excuse. It’s a good opportunity just to get something done with themselves.”

Parents interested in applying for adult education or GED classes can do so next Wednesday, May 17th at the Performance Learning Center at Tubman, located at 1740 Walton Way, Augusta, GA from 3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Again, classes are free.  Dinner is provided and childcare and transportation assistance can be requested when you register.

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