Parent voices concerns over bullying in Richmond County School


AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — A Westside High parent says it’s time to put a stop to bullying in schools.

Recently a Westside student allegedly threatened to shoot up his house after an argument with his daughter.

” Something bad could have happened. I hope that no other family has to go through that or deal with something worse,” parent Darryl Smith said.

He said his daughter is a victim of bullying and threats like these need to be taken seriously. 

” If you look at recent events in Michigan and in our backyard with two events that happened in Grovetown its serious. Its very serious. We have to prevent these things from happening,” Smith said.

Smith contacted school administration as well as school resource officers and the student was placed in in-school suspension following the incident.

However, Smith said more could have been done in light of the seriousness of the situation. 

” When you report it and there’s nothing done about it or its not taken seriously, then you lose that child, or you lose that parent that wants to come forth or say something. You lose that trust and once you lose that trust it’s hard to get it back,” Smith said.

He said he hopes in the future parents will continue to get involved in situations like this and school administration will be more proactive. 

” I don’t want to go through what the other families went through and I’m pretty sure no other family wants to go through that situation,” Smith said.

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