AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) — On Tuesday, John Sampson better known as Chef Redd was evicted from his restaurant Chef Redd’s BBQ after falling behind in rent.

“It’s devastating to get this close after all the hard work and the struggle and then to have the rug pulled from out under my feet,” Sampson said.

Sampson said he wasn’t notified of a court date regarding the eviction.  He said it’s because someone falsified his signature on paperwork that was supposed to come to him. But, according to Sampson, he never received it.

“It cost me my livelihood,” Sampson said.

The result — is an emotional day for him and his employees who say they are more like family.

“Anybody that knows Chef or has been around chef knows that he’s like your dad or your grandpa and everyone calls him pa-pa. That’s just the way Chef is,” Jackie Carroll said.

Jackie Carroll has worked with Chef Redd for six years — she said he’s not only given back to them but also the community.

“He helps people whether they’re inside the restaurant or not. This restaurant reaches way more than just this building. This restaurant reaches to their families and the whole community. He’s got the biggest heart of a person that I’ve ever seen,” Carroll said.

But this is not the end of the story for Chef Redd…

“I’m not going to change my course because the course I’m on is the one I know God sent me on,” Sampson said.

He plans to open a new restaurant on a piece of property he owns on  Wrightsboro Road.

“I don’t look at this building as my business. My business is what God has created in me. My customers will follow me anywhere they know I’m at,” Sampson said.

When he starts that new chapter Restaurant Impossible will be there to continue telling his story.  

“I’m still moving forward. Always have. Always will,” Sampson said.