Augusta, Ga. (WJBF) – Jonathan Winbush was trying to find a path forward to pay his property taxes  

“They’re saying the system is turned down apparently there’s been some sort of cyber-attack or something or another and not able I’m fully prepared to pay full taxes can’t do it today, not sure when,” Winbush said.  

 Winbush couldn’t pay his because the city computer system remains out.  

The result of a cyber-attack 

 Friday the city issuing a written statement saying Augusta continues to work with both it’s  internal Information and Technology team and outside cyber security specialists to respond to the network disruption. 

 But some city business is being taken care of, water customers are paying bills at the outside kiosk at the Utilities Department. 

 And the city 311 complaint line is taking calls, however those complaints can’t be put into the city computer system for departments   to respond, so it’s being done by phone, pen, and paper. 

“How are we going to deal with it when it does come back because all those paper files, we’ve been keeping we’re going to have to go back in and enter them into the system if they’re new complaints, so we already have a plan to make that happen it’s obviously not ideal but we’re going to do it,” said Colonel Bill Probus of the Marshal’s Office.  

 The city is mum on details of when the system will be back the mayor citing the ongoing investigation leaving taxpayers in the lurch.  

 Frustrating at all you came down here you waited?”  

“Yeah, fortunately the line was not too long I just really want to I’m doing some work on the properties I want to make sure everything is clean and clear,” said Winbush.  

 What still not known is when the city will be clear of the damage from the hackers.